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Sterling The Eternal Journey Ahead

Paris X Sage

Sterling Stamped Silver

Boulie X Sage

Boni jean

Paris X Sage

Retired Poodles

Under construction

Sage - Sterling Sierra Valley Sage

Sage is now 9 years old.

She had all of her testing that was available at that time.

She is a tall girl, at 27 inches. She was never shown but moves like a dream,

floats really. She produces lovely, well tempered poodles.

We have two at home, Journey and Savannah,

that you can meet when you come for a visit.

Sage is also a smiler and many of the puppies inherit

this trait. It is very endearing!

Sage is now retired and living the life of

luxury in Lodi, California with her wonderful family.

Boni Jean - Sterling's Blue Boni Jean

Sage is Boni is one of Sage's daughters.

Boni Jean is a full sister to Journey.

She is now retired and living in Colorado.

Below as a puppy

Then, all grown up

more pictures to come